Breeding Terror

from by UnAnyOne

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Fast, melodic speedy thrash... and contains probably one of my memorable solos to date. This song was spawned from all the crazy terrorist shit happening in 2002. Threats, bullshit, bombings, hostage situations, beheadings, etc. I wrote the lyrics in a car park after having ideas come to my head, so I stopped, sat, and wrote them down. Craig assisted with the third verse after a big night out and it was completed. The riffs were written at about 2am on an acoustic guitar and complete song recorded by 4am.


music: shayne querruel
lyrics: shayne querruel/craig millson

the hatred you've brought to a nation
the terror you're letting run free
a mind of all insane intent
there's something you will not see

our country that will not be divided
by actions and rants that you've done
the people are built upon an empire
where struggle will never overrun

taking the life
we ask why?

spread your word, your vicious ways
your puppets simply mould like clay
indoctrinate and choose to lead
followers kneel down to bleed
minds you strive to overcome
the meek, the weak, the very young

innocence lost
gone forever
shattered lives
can't piece together

you seem to think that we'll falter
get beaten down by your threats
together we create unity
and (your) demands will never be met

the grip you have on your network
will loosen during our ploy
we will bring you your nightmare
as we begin to destroy

death comes with life
feel the fight

the fear you've instilled in the mindless
the hate you breed in the weak
but minds of control are never slipping
with this wheel of disorder unleashed

the weight that you place on your children
the blame you place on the earth
taking the time for your vengeance
taken for all that it's worth

will they survive?
born to die

instill the fear within their eyes
the will to kill to terrorize
how many lives will have to cease?
like the plague you're a disease
you're part of something that will break
our souls of virtue will not shake

brainwashed into
being martyred
breeding terror
war has started

Lyrics © 2003 by Shayne Querruel and Craig Millson


from Journey to Nowhere [EP], released January 19, 2016



all rights reserved


UnAnyOne Sydney, Australia


© All material MadHaus Music Group.

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