Bloodied Peace

from by UnAnyOne

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"Bloodied Peace" is the oldest song I have. Contains the first official riff I ever wrote, being the clean intro. Every possible way to record this song has been done, midi files, MS wave recorder, cool edit pro, cubase, adobe audition, zoom drum sequencer, but Apolyom never pulled it out of demo form... with so much history this no doubt needs an introduction :)

the song flowed brilliantly (at least i thought it did), I made sure i always had an up to date copy of this song somewhere on my HDD over the years, even after Apolyom finished and I removed everything off my desktop...

The lyrics show different sides to a war's story.
Verse 1 captures the idea that war will always be with us so let's go for it for peace and no good will ever help stop it. An innate human affliction that mankind will always lust for it.
Verse 2 then follows the government side of things with war being a way to gain greater power through political strong holds and brain wash the society that it is essential to further our peace...
Bridge take care of the anger and despair of all parties involved.
Verse 3 captures the true feelings that we are all ignorant to the facts. There is no hope, no future but some need the "glory" in death and the rest will pick up the pieces to generate a better world.



music: shayne querruel
lyrics: shayne querruel

a history of conflict's been a part of our world forever
a war isn't won by the mark of a saviour

now it's time
the rage is strong
death will rise
the hunt is on

it's with every sacrifice that we grow stronger
our world of peace won't last much longer
if securring peace means preparing for war
then what the fuck are we waiting for?

in a world of bloodied peace
will it ever cease?
hide while millions die
life will not arise

seeking the enemy for their political power
they don't care if the people reach their final hour

seize the land
take what you see
live on command
no one is free

for lives will die in a chance to redirect
slaughtered in hope they've become an inaffect
taking souls their hunger starts to quench
now the army is gathered from the bench

in a world of bloodied peace
will it ever cease?
hide while millions die
life will not arise

what have we done?
watching them fall
for hundreds of years
we'll drown in tears
forever more

cries, lies, cries
hear the

cries, children scream
lies, don't believe
cries, of the war
lies, such a flaw
cries, lost a dream
lies, what's it mean?
cries, of despair
lies, they don't care

hungry for
murder, mayhem, where is heaven?
they want more
darkness growing, pain is showing
hunger shows
murder, hatred, we are all dead
blood now flows
darkness powered, life devoured

our world is left with a graven image of ignorance
we are lost to a point of unknown decadence

hope is gone
seems to be
that we seek
a future, bleak

scattered souls in a smoking glory run
left with death it seems the war is won
killing spree throughout the warring earth
what is left must beckon the rebirth

in a world of bloodied peace
will it ever cease?
hide while millions die
life will not arise

Lyrics © 1999 by Shayne Querruel.


from Journey to Nowhere [EP], released January 19, 2016



all rights reserved


UnAnyOne Sydney, Australia


© All material MadHaus Music Group.

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